Chicken Tikka

The Indian poultry meat industry attracts Tyson investment and Brazilian exports.

In June 2008 Tyson announced their 51% acquisition of the Godrej Foods Ltd, a subsidiary of the Indian agribusiness giant Godrej Agrovet who’s 2007 sales hit $250Million. The joint venture will hopefully produce $50Million in annual sales by mid 2009. Tyson has obviously been tempted in by the rapid increase in poultry demand (approximately 11% CAGR over the last decade)and with the increasingly ‘non-vegetarian’ population set to become the worlds largest populous (overtaking China within the next 10-15 years) this is potentially the worlds largest poultry consumer.

Many international meat producers have had an eye on penetrating the Indian poultry market ever since the BRIC’s (Brazil, Russia, India and China) economic growth has caught

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